In our experience, most people in the industry tend to make vital mistakes when building a business from scratch or refurbishing the existing because they are led by the contractors rather than letting their experience gained through the years take priority. It is our aim to prevent this from occurring by assisting you through the process with the contractors by doing the following: Overseeing the building schedule and costing, keeping firms in check by making sure they do not go over budgets or over the deadlines, by been on site during the process.


Capitalising on every little mistake that we have witnessed on various number of refurbishments, it’s key in order to guide your business through wasting money, operability or time.


Prioritise and then plan; helping to get and making sure that all relative planning permissions and licences are already in place before the work is due to begin.

We can also advise a number of trusted firms that we have dealt with in the past, from architects and interior designers to constructors and decorators up to companies that can provide your business with the most suitable IT solutions.